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Say it here.

There is a new postsecret community for those involved in Doctor Who and Torchwood roleplays on twitter. I created this community for anyone and everyone involved in all the roleplays to use. You can find me here, or here, if you have any problems or questions.

You can post anonymously; you don't have to join. All I ask is that your secrets relate to the roleplay. You can post your secrets in picture or text form.

For inspiration, interest, or a further understand of the idea of postsecrets, here is the original postsecret site.
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Plotline coordination

It looks like we've got some discussion going in the welcome post about plotlines and stories that overlap between universes. I know we've got a few separate universes - #timewar, #djsandco, #torchwoodRP, and #teamTARDIS come to mind - as well as s lot of unaffiliated characters.

I'm not quite sure what exactly y'all wanted to discuss, so I'll just throw out a few questions -
Do you like seeing the defined universes overlap?
If so, just the characters talking, or the characters getting personally/physically involved?
Is is possible to organize a really multiverse-spanning plot in this day and age? Would it be worth it?
Obviously, feel free to branch out from these topics, especially anyone who was talking about overlapping plotlines in the previous posts. I'm just here to facilitate discussion.

And a reminder - if you're a member of this comm, you have posting access. If you aren't a member yet, join! It's starting to feel awfully egocentric around here. ^_~
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Nostalgia Post

I've seen some of this tossed around on the feed, so we may as well have a central place for 'em.

Tell me about your RP past. What was your very first tweet in the game? Who'd you first interact with? What character do you really miss these days? What's new and exciting that you like, and what do you wish would come back? Inquiring minds need to know!
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Critique Meme [Post the Zeroth]

Thought we'd get this off to a quick start.

Critique Meme

Comment with the name(s) of your character(s). This comment can be anonymous or signed.

Others reply to your comment with critiques. These comments can be anonymous or signed.

A few rules

Critique must be constructive.

No personal attacks.

Don't post the name of someone else's character.

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Hello and welcome!

Welcome to the Twitter Doctor Who Roleplay discussion forum!

Come in, get comfortable, have a drink, take a seat. There's plenty of space; naturally, it's bigger on the inside.

I hope that this will become a forum where the rather disconnected parts of the #doctorwhoRP can come together and talk about everything that goes on in our little slice of fandom.

I'm currently seeking a co-mod or two and a really good icon or six. Comment if you're interested, or have photomanipulation skillz.