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Plotline coordination
Fandom, Time Lord pancake
freosan wrote in hashdoctorwhorp
It looks like we've got some discussion going in the welcome post about plotlines and stories that overlap between universes. I know we've got a few separate universes - #timewar, #djsandco, #torchwoodRP, and #teamTARDIS come to mind - as well as s lot of unaffiliated characters.

I'm not quite sure what exactly y'all wanted to discuss, so I'll just throw out a few questions -
Do you like seeing the defined universes overlap?
If so, just the characters talking, or the characters getting personally/physically involved?
Is is possible to organize a really multiverse-spanning plot in this day and age? Would it be worth it?
Obviously, feel free to branch out from these topics, especially anyone who was talking about overlapping plotlines in the previous posts. I'm just here to facilitate discussion.

And a reminder - if you're a member of this comm, you have posting access. If you aren't a member yet, join! It's starting to feel awfully egocentric around here. ^_~

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I am usually up for discussing with other characters and also people coming in to the area for interaction. I like to see it when the different universes come together in story. People can send me an @ or message if they'd like to RP. I know other groups might want to keep to their own stories though. I have done some interaction with #TeamTARDIS and we would like to get other Torchwood or Doctor Who RP people involved in the future too. When there is an adventure already going on, a group might be available for conversation with others, but not necessarily physical interaction. If someone comes along to meet us, I would try to guide them in game and find out what they want, like the Torchwood agents would do.

I've always thought TorchwoodRP and especially Gwen are really good at bringing everyone into their RP. It's fascinating to watch and there's no way I'd be able to keep up with it.

Yes, I've learned a lot from watching the Hogwarts roleplayers since @DoctorJohnSmith went there, especially @HippieAlbus, @TheRoxFiles and @SeverusSSnape. I started following @Open_Flame and the Heroes RPers too after they met some of the parallel Torchwood members. I enjoy watching other groups in action and making a comment occasionally there. That's where lists come in useful so I can catch up on one group's posts all at once.

For the record, and I think I'm in the majority on this, the #timewar characters will talk back if you talk to them and they're not immediately distracted talking to six people in their own 'verse at the time. I tend to prefer not physically crossing over but a lot of times talking to people from outside the 'verse provides insight into the characters, which is always, always a plus.

It is interesting, I remember _The_Mouse_ and with_two_hearts talking to Grace_Holloway, since they already know about her. Grace and Martha Jones have shown up several times to provide medical advice at Torchwood!

Seconded! My little time war characters would like to talk. Or snark, anyway. Snark counts, right?


I personally love the interaction. It's a ton of fun, and the concept of each RP being a parallel universe is just awesome. That way there's no "oh, that person is a phony/impersonator/whatever". There's room for everyone! :D

I've been involved in some crossover universes, also watched some elements of my own universe spawn off into a whole different universe...it's kinda crazy, but it's neat. Keeping track of it can be a real mindful tho!

Oh yes parallel universes are the best thing ever! :D You can have stories not bound by canon and different parallels meeting each other, great for original and interesting RP.

By general rule of thumb, every canon RP winds up becoming AU. It's impossible not to. Unless you follow the script verbatim and don't allow for interaction with outside characters (and hence a chance to change both plot and character), there's no way to keep it purely canon.

Frankly, I LOVE that. It's like interactive LARPs meets fanfic. :D :D

Well the new Academy Days rp (@IBlameKoschei/@IBlameThete/@_Ushas_/@__Priya) could always use more students, oc or not. Maybe even a Monk/Drax, as there isn't one on Twitter at all yet.

You're accepting OCs? I... might take you up on that. I'm loving watching that 'verse.

If I knew anything about the Monk or Drax I would be all over it but unfortunately, I haven't seen the canon for them. I hope you find someone!

Yeah, OCs are fine. Probably the better option really as not much is known about other canon students. It also means anyone can join if they're up for making their own char, which might be fun.

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