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Hello and welcome!
Fandom, Time Lord pancake
freosan wrote in hashdoctorwhorp
Welcome to the Twitter Doctor Who Roleplay discussion forum!

Come in, get comfortable, have a drink, take a seat. There's plenty of space; naturally, it's bigger on the inside.

I hope that this will become a forum where the rather disconnected parts of the #doctorwhoRP can come together and talk about everything that goes on in our little slice of fandom.

I'm currently seeking a co-mod or two and a really good icon or six. Comment if you're interested, or have photomanipulation skillz.

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HI HEY HELLO. Also what's this then, eh.

'S exactly what it says on the tin, silly. I was planning to wholesale rip off hmd_meme, but vortex_loop said, and I agree, that we need a discussion comm too. So, here it is. I do silly things when I'm up too late.

Oh, psh, is not silly! We shall see how it turns out, eh? Also if you need a co-mod then ME ME ME but I'm not very impartial... still, ME MEMEMEMEEEE.

Go pimp it out on Twitter a bit, then, and WE'LL SEE.

I like this. It's like I have power or something.

Well hello everyone! Nice work!

Hello there! I hope you're right about that. I'm excited, anyway!

Long time LJ listener, first time commenter. Reminds me of senior thesis seminar. XD And that was a great experience, actually. :D

Really interested in helping out. ^_^ It's an awesome idea and we frankly need to breathe new life into the RP. If I have to read about one more marriage or baby plot, I'll scream.

Also it'll be nice to know which plots people liked, wanted to see more of, didn't understand, didn't like, wish would die...et cetera.

Help would be good. For the moment, just spread the word, and I'll be considering co-mods throughout the next few weeks.

This. It's hard to tell sometimes since people only comment if they're part of the plot or really into it. I think we need more exploration, too, and I hope this'll help that. We're a bit set in our ruts.

I completely agree. I'm certainly in one right now, and while inventing all sorts of trouble in order to further plot can be fun, it can get old pretty fast.

Connection of plot lines

Big stories like the one that is beginning to evolve now..using the Key to Time to unlock the timelock on Gallifrey... needs help of the Doctors, their companions, friends & Tardises. Anyone in on it?
see @Doctor_Donna

Re: Connection of plot lines

You know, this is a really good idea, but you might want to make a top post about it. Have you got an LJ? Apply and I'll approve you. If not, I could probably make a post specifically to discuss coordinating plotlines.

It does sound like it'll end up interesting.

Re: Connection of plot lines

I have just got an LJ account. Seems like a new world. A post to discuss cordinating would be good....I dont want to step on toes by accidently falling into plot lines.

Re: Connection of plot lines

By that I mean storyline boundaries (i'm not sur if thats the right word so that we can have random fun within them!

Re: Connection of plot lines

Well welcome to the LJ side of the fandom, then. ^_^ It is a bit different here.

It's probably a good idea to talk about plotline coordinating, especially since there's so many plots going in so many different universes right now. I know some people like to keep very closely to the 'feel' of their universe, and some are more open about who they directly interact with. I know what you mean about stepping on toes, it always feels so awkward when you're not sure who's going to like you sending them an @.

Re: Connection of plot lines

That would be nice for some of our RP stories too, especially since people tend to disappear without notice, like the first Rhys we had (and we haven't been able to find someone for that role since). Oftentimes we have ideas for stories but not enough people to act them out, or they aren't around anymore.

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