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Nostalgia Post
Fandom, Time Lord pancake
freosan wrote in hashdoctorwhorp
I've seen some of this tossed around on the feed, so we may as well have a central place for 'em.

Tell me about your RP past. What was your very first tweet in the game? Who'd you first interact with? What character do you really miss these days? What's new and exciting that you like, and what do you wish would come back? Inquiring minds need to know!

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I started as a RL account tweeting with players, then got sucked in to help out _Master and with_two_hearts in game as a one shot thing. Then I wound up RPing on a regular basis with Tremas and I was hooked at that point on.

I've referred to the char as "metafictional", started off in a parallel universe knowing these people were fictional, having watched the show, then went on it.

I MISS TREMAS _MASTER AND WITH_TWO_HEARTS LIKE BURNING I WILL CRY D: D: D: D: Anyhow, I miss the loose, fast and free RPing we used to do. It seems like we're so bogged down with plot and being tied to plot that we have lost a lot of the interaction that made the RP fun. Some RPs are so insular they don't interact with everyone else and some are so complicated they take entire pages of backstory to explain to others. Actually, scratch that--make that MOST.

I favorited a lot of tweets from "back in the day" and still remember much of what inspired me to get sucked into this fantastical world. It's fun. I've made RL friends as a result of it, traveled to diff states and even countries...it's a blast.


Some RPs are so insular they don't interact with everyone else and some are so complicated they take entire pages of backstory to explain to others.

No kidding. For the record? We were supposed to be /done/ with Timewar by now. Then Real Life (oh that dread disease) got in the way. But also, the boundaries were a lot fuzzier then. Everyone was in the same place, more or less. I don't think that we could go back to that now, not with as many people as there are and as many sub-games, but it was fun. It'd still be possible to have characters talk more between games, which I think was a big part of what made it so interesting to begin with.

I LOVE doing that. I talk to everyone in the different RP games and we all treat it like parallel universes. It allows us all to coexist, and it's fascinating, really. :D

Yeah, I distinctly recall /June/ being mentioned. ...ohaijanuary.

Yes, yes, I know, I'm a bad person. But t'be fair if we'd kept up the original pace it /would/ be over by now. We just couldn't sustain that level of postage.

So sad. But then, considering what we may or may not have planned, it is not that sad. We're just ~building anticipation~ and putting off the angst. Which is sad because angst is fun.

OOC post :)

I started playing Gwen in January of 2009 after a couple weeks of watching the RPers at work, of course she was interacting with the Doctor Who people a lot at first until @thefaceofboe came along, and later Ianto. Gwen usually interacts a lot with Doctor Who and Torchwood characters.

Things really kicked off in April with the whole #torturewood plot and I created a couple of stories since then, though the interaction is also fun. I wish we could do some more scenes with Jack and Rhys (up till now the character of Rhys was going to be played by someone, but now I'm looking for another RPer to possibly fill that role). The other RPers who were in the game may come back sometime, but I miss them too.

I like reading over and editing the transcripts to remember our conversations. We made the decision to break from canon, after CoE especially, and I enjoy doing scenes with Ianto, Owen and Tosh. Some of the scenes in the RP do feel more real than the TV show. Overall it has been a great experience.

Ah, January 2009. That was a lovely month. I remember with_two_hearts chatting with... well, a lot of people, but definitely Gwen at the time.

I was so pleased when you guys broke from canon and Torturewood was a blast to watch, even if it was awfully risque for its time ;). It's a nice little oasis of an alternate universe you've got going there. Sometimes when I'm watching I catch myself biting my nails afraid that Grey's going to suddenly show up, though...

Most of the Twitter RPs are doing new stories, there are some that stay to canon too but they mostly started after CoE. There are lots of parallel universes and sometimes I find myself talking to people in the past or the future- it shows different sides of the character when they're talking to someone out of their own universe.

I miss Zagreus. Oh my goodness, Zagreus. Still the most intense sequence I've ever done. But that was later.

My first post anywhere on Twitter was on the 21st of January, 2009. About half an hour later I'd realised this wasn't for me, but hey, my sister had an account for the Fifth Doctor, and while there were a Ten and a Master, there wasn't any Eight about...

I chatted, and had my first proper roleplay - a sequence with thedr back when he was still Ten. I collected a few more accounts, kept playing, started talking to the players behind the game, and the whole thing started exploding. Still growing like crazy. I do miss being able to track everyone and all the plots - these days there's just too much, and the plots I /am/ involved in just keep getting more complicated.

Ooh, dear. I was active in RP sometime late 2008, during December, I think. I tweeted as myself with... @doctor_bluesuit? and his gang, and of course @thedr. Then I noticed that @7thDoctor was rapidly nearing the end of Mel and I thought, hey, see a potential need, fill a need! So I created @acemcshane. I remember that it took a little while for @7thDoctor to catch up with me! That was hilarious. Also chatting with @_Master (mind control!), @Tremas (catnip!), @with_two_hearts (aw, please tell me my future!), @Peri_Brown and @Ginger_Minx (you two did WHAT with the Doctor!) was a blast; I really got the feel for Ace's teasing. She's the character of my heart, really.

And then I really started getting along well with @with_two_hearts, but @acemcshane was much too young/early to show up in his timeline... thus @the_big_bang was born, and the time war plot - which was meant to be over in June! So much for that, hah. @acemcshane may have been my first account, but @the_big_bang is my baby; has always been and will always be. Feels strange talking about an account like that but I always get the silliest grin on my face when I log into her.

Who I really miss... probably @thedr. Can't remember why he stopped tweeting. I think someone didn't like the way he was playing Eleven? Would've been fun to follow a good AU Eleven, but ah well. Soon we can look forward to REAL Eleven!

What's new and exciting that I like would be that the characters all have pasts with each other on twitter. We can refer back to past events and laugh about them (like the time @Ginger_Minx and @CeleryBoy... ahem), or remember old characters (@_theta_sigma comes to mind), and stuff like that. We have our own brand of canon here. But like everyone else, I miss the days when you didn't /have/ to catch up on thirty odd pages of tweets because you'll have missed a vital plot point somewhere there. I do like the plot, I honestly do, I enjoy it. I just miss freeform, too.

I used to be @thedr, before I was @_ThetaSigma.

I had him regenerate into Eleven pretty much as soon as Matt Smith was announced and then people started bitching about it and I got so damn tired of all the bitching so I erased all of his tweets and just started over with no plan whatsoever.

And then Gap Year Boredom got to me and I stopped RPing at all.

Now I'm @_ThetaSigma, no baggage, no nothing. Well, a plan. :)

Oh, bother, forgot to log in. :P

I feel like I've been inadequately supportive. I was so pleased when he showed up as Eleven, and I miss his old tweets. There was history there, man. All that with thedr degenerating and Romana showing up. That was loads of fun. Oh well, I think I have it archived.

A plan is good. I shall watch with interest.

thedr and captainjohnhart was fun to watch! We were very pleased when captainjohnhart came back to life and of course his visits to the Hub. John's a great character on the show and on Twitter.

(Deleted comment)
And that was the first time I had the guts to flirt with @Tremas IC. Before that forget it. XD You tested the waters for me and for that, I thank you.! I may never have jumped into the RP otherwise.

Oh, goodness. Umm.

Well, I suppose it's no surprise that I play @thefaceofboe, but that's not my first rp account. That honor would go to @fancyanorgy, the short-lived Captain John Hart account -- first one on Twitter that I know of.

You see, @freosan was my roomie at the time, and had been chattering about this Doctor Who twitter thing, and mentioned that there needed to be a more consistent Jack online, but I wasn't quite comfortable jumping in while there were other roleplayers in the part already, so... yes. No one was playing John, and his voice is very, very easy after being a Spike fangirl for so long. And then I used him to introduce @thefaceofboe a bit later.

First tweet? According to Twitter, on Feb 3rd, 2009, @fancyanorgy said: "Why won't they stay dead? Oh well, more time for scams, or torture, or sex... screw it, all of the above. *smirk*" First interactions were with @Tremas, I think...

New and exciting? *sheepishly* Have not been keeping up with my roleplay accounts at all, so I don't know what has happened since this summer, other than what people have summarized for me off Twitter.

Who do I wish would come back? Me, honestly. Bah, real life -- and honestly, the directions and the plot-heavy stuff that the #torturewood group has headed towards, last I heard, is a bit...well, intimidating. I do have something in mind for reintroducing @thefaceofboe, but...haven't quite gotten around to it yet. *winces*

[long comment is long and rather self-involved, sry]

(repost because I am teh dumb and had typos liek woah.)

That takes me back. ;) My first RP account was @Alex_Drake though I soon created another account for @Gwen_Cooper, since I really liked her as a companion figure and she could interact with Doctor Who and Torchwood characters. Though Alex did talk to another Captain Jack first. @Gwen_Cooper is all keeping track of the continuity... Of course we'd be glad to see our Jack again! :)

Before Twitter (and I honestly don't even remember why I joined Twitter, but I am oh so glad I did) I was not one to RP. Why I even searched for Torchwood characters on Twitter I'll never know, I think it was one of those spur of the moment decisions after seeing that Darth Vader had Twitter.

I noticed that there was a distinct lack of John Hart and was like "hey, I bet I could do that". Thus @captainjohnhart was born. It won't let me go back to his first tweet, but I remember it was March 1st of last year. Something about being in Russia and having a threesome with some identical twins? IDK.

I'm pretty sure John started tweeting with @Gwen_Cooper first, and then she invited him back to the Hub. Actually, she invited John and Lola back. Oooh, poor Lola. May she rest in itty bitty pieces of @_myfanwy_ poo.

And then there was #torturewood. That was probably the most crazy, sleepless, insane few weeks of my life. For real. My browser history was filled with websites about how to torture people and all sorts of nasty stuff. @GrayVigilante and @PC_Andy were /so/ much fun. I mean I love John, but those two were just... words can't even describe. I wish Andy would come back, because he was brilliant.

So, John had this plot thing with @Jenny__Smith he was going to do, but not sure what's going on with that anymore. Not sure where this thing with @Wyte_ is going either. Just sort of winging it now.

Hopefully we can do the thing we'd planned for Andy and Gray...

I started at around April, 2009, I think.
My first account was @Lady__Christina.
I was interested in RPing because @TheLastDoctor (I think that was his name back then. It was a Ten, now the OOC player has a different pic and username) and @Axelrose looked like they were having such fun all the time. I was already really into DW, and roleplaying kind of seemed perfect for me, I also thought that it would be silly to keep on interacting with fictional chars on my normal account...
So I chose a minor character from DW, one that I wouldn't mind playing, and that's how LC was born. :)
I thought it would be easier to choose someone who had very little history in DW, so then I could explore the char more (but this also leads to making up weird storylines, and silly backstories, haha).
After that I kept on RPing, and started other chars too; @StarlightJenny, @SarahJaneSmith_ (my fave), @Future_Child...
After a couple of months, the DWRP scene grew MUCH wider, and more and more RPers started getting to know each other better, forming hashtag teams, getting into OOC fights/romances, and after a while, I became less involved.
I still RP, I also RP a Marvel character, but not as much.
And I'm glad about that, because I haven't had to deal with any RP problems for almost a year now. That's always nice. :)
But to sum it up, this has been good for me.
It's helped me be more mature, it's helped me with my spelling (it used to be appalling actually) and it's helped me with my need to express my creative side. So on a whole, it's all good. :)

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