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Discussion and critique of the Doctor Who RP on Twitter
This community is intended to help roleplayers of Doctor Who characters in the loose-knit Twitter DWRP community.

If you're applying to join and get denied, it's because the mods don't know who you are. We'll make every attempt to find you before we deny you, but if we do and you still want in, please send an @ message to Freosan on Twitter.

In general, feel free to post and chat about anything related to the Doctor Who roleplay on Twitter. Both character and personal accounts are welcome.

Once a month, we'll have anonymous critique posts. The steps for these are simple:

1) The moderators post a top-post.

2) You comment to that post with the name(s) of your character(s). This comment can be anonymous or signed.

3) Others reply to your comment with critiques. These comments can be anonymous or signed.

The rules are few:

Critique must be constructive.

No personal attacks.

These two should be self-explanatory. Right? We're all adults here, or at least capable of pretending we are? Good. Thank you.

Don't post the name of someone else's character. This community is only for those who want to be critiqued. If they don't, that's fine too. We're here to have fun.

If you see personal attacks, misappropriated characters, or other behaviour not in the spirit of this community, please notify the moderators.

Personal attacks will be frozen. Comments posing as someone else's character will be deleted. Otherwise wanky threads will be dealt with as the mods see fit. Repeated offenses may result in banning.